Dr. Jose E. Quintanilla M.Photog.CR, CPP, M-PPC
Certified Professional Photographer Instructor
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LocationCalifornia Center for Digital Arts


Jose E. Quintanilla has risen through the ranks since he revealed his passion for photography at his fifteenth years of age in his native Nicaragua. His first major accomplishment was earning the degree of Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (Universidad Nacional Autonomy de Nicaragua). The passion for good photography and the dedication to always learn something new from different sources made him seek formal education in photography. He studied art and photography via various schools, programs, and seminars. He graduated from Tri-Community School of Photography. Jose earned the Professional Photographer of America (PPA)'s coveted Master of Photography degree. Later he earned the Photographic Craftsman Degree from PPA. He is part of the prestigious international group of Certified Professional Photographers (CPP) from PPA; he merits for his photography, and as of now, eight of his images have been accepted into the highly acclaimed PPA "Loan Collection" at the International Photographic Competition.