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November 2 & 4, 2017

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Birds In Flight Photography Workshop

Birds in Flight Photography Workshop is about learning bird photography which is very fulfilling and allows you to step into nature’s world. Come learn how to photograph birds in their environment. In this two part course, the first class is held in the evening and will cover the nuts and bolts of what you need to create outstanding photographs of birds. You will learn the tools to capture great images.  Our instructor will  share her special tips about bird behavior that will contribute to your success in the field. Part two, we go out and put it all into action!



  • Part One: Thursday evening, November 2, 7-9:00 p.m.
    Held in one of the classrooms at the California Center for Digital Arts
    Bring your cameras and manual to our evening class so we can prepare for Saturday. We will set up some  settings that will prepare you and teach you what you’ll need to know.
  •  Part Two: Saturday, November 4, 7-10:30 a.m.
    After learning and preparing, we are now ready to have some fun on our hands-on excursion. This  will get you out in the field, making your learning real.  We will have a group meet-up at sunrise on Saturday at the local wetlands to practice our skills. (Map and meeting place will be given out during the classroom date on Thursday evening.  You’ll discover how to utilize the changing environment to make great pictures.  Expect from Great Blue Herons to Snowy Egrets to Osprey, we will make some wonderful images! 


How to create a photo of a wild creature in its natural habitat
Camera Settings


Camera, manual, tripod, extra memory cards, extra battery, water, hat and sunscreen for our adventure. 


 This is not a very beginning class, but  as long as you are comfortable with your DSLR, you’ll be fine!

Karen Schuenemann