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Compositing with Photoshop

This course is part of the Creative Compositing Series with Irene Bowers. In Compositing With Photoshop, you will learn how to beautify your wildlife photos by turning them in to fine art pieces! Not only will you learn the tools and skills in this intermediate Photoshop course, but your creativity will expand and you will begin to feel like a real artist!



Southern California has the most amazing zoos and animal parks. Almost everyone has a picture of a wild cheetah, lion, or giraffe in their collection. Some of you may have gone on a Safari and came back wanting to turn your images into something more. But how do you turn it into a piece of art? How do you make a typical photo of these interesting creatures come alive and bring out more of their beauty? In this intermediate Photoshop class, you will learn post-processing techniques that will help transform your nature photography into works of art.


In this two-three hour class, you will learn how to create impactful backgrounds using textures and color toning and blending modes in which to place your animal. Where do you find textures?
How do you make them? We will answer these questions and more in Compositing With Photoshop! In addition, you will learn techniques in masking the image of an animal and how to blend and stylize them into a newly created background. Explore tools you may never have known existed (did you know about the smudge tool?) Learn how to finish an image for print competition. We will dip into nature in this fun segment. Images will be provided during this safari into Photoshop.


Bring your laptop, Wacom tablet, something to take notes on, and a snack or drink.


This is an Intermediate Photoshop class


Irene Bowers

Animal Fine Art

Fine Art Animal