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Outdoor Flash

Learning Lighting Basics: Outdoor Flash Photography will give you the knowledge of using your flash.

This course is available a la carte or as part of our Learning Digital Photography- A Nine Session Course. This course is outdoors on location. Take the fear out of lighting your photographs in this 2-hour introduction to flash photography. In this class you’ll learn by doing in this hands-on class and how to better use your accessory flash for all your photographs as we explore the downtown Santa Ana district.

Professional photographers often shoot outdoors with their portable flash, on and off camera. This is because it provides a powerful way to gently fill shadows and creatively blend ambient and portable fill light.  This flash photography class teaches how to choose and use each workflow for your outdoor images and provides you with a new and easy to use tool to improve your outdoor photography even in the harsh light of high noon. Students also explore how to use this as a dominant light source in outdoor environments and further explore creative applications that blends ambient and portable flash light.


If you’ve wondered what that silver plate on the top of your camera does, and you’re tired of your photos being too dark, or your outdoor portraits fall flat, or, if you’re a natural light photographer ready to take your photography to the next level with lighting, this is your course. Our instructor will simplify accessory flash use outdoors by demonstrating the techniques to get you stellar portraits and simplify your landscape photographs.

Students quickly develop the skills to manage and choose portable flash settings for outdoor applications and how to use this tool as a fill light source. They explore best practices for selecting the correct ISO settings, exposure settings, and requirements appropriate to any given outdoor ambient light situation.

Students leave with knowledge and confidence in the portable lighting workflow.


  • Portable Flash as the fill light source in outdoor situations
  • Power choices for outdoor lighting situations
  • Power as the dominant light sources in outdoor situations.
  • Positioning on and off camera to achieve what you are trying to create.
  • Bouncing/diffusing/reflecting
  • Which cables to use Manual power adjustment
  • Mastering the power settings
  • Techniques for fill light applications
  • Techniques for dominant light applications.
  • Hands on Practice and Evaluation.


Attendee should be familiar with the basic functions and menus of their camera. Please bring your camera, and notepad. Make sure your battery is fully charged and you have an empty memory card ready to take pictures.

  • DSLR camera with manual exposure modes and your favorite lens
  • Accessory flash, battery, modifier (diffuser or reflector)
  • Extra battery and memory card
  • Camera Manual
  • Sun protection, water bottle and your walking shoes




David Laneve CPP