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2 Days
San Diego Safari Park & California Center For Digital Arts
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April 27-28, 2019

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Photography and composites safari animals

The animals are out of their enclosures and into a fine art safari adventure that begins at the San Diego Safari Animal Park and ends in the layers of Photoshop CC.

In this two day workshop of Photography and Composites Safari Adventure, you will learn how to create fine art images using photographs taken from the San Diego Safari Park, and implementing post processing techniques to create beautiful images. You will be learning how to photograph wild animals then turning your images into works of art!


 San Diego Wildlife Safari Park is host to a multitude of animal species, as well as incredible foliage.  We will spend the first day photographing a host of animals.  From Sumatran Tigers, to the personality filled Apes, learn techniques on what to look for when creating fine art images using exotic animals.  Not only is the wildlife remarkable and an experience in itself, but the backgrounds are amazing as well. Students will learn what to look for in creating gorgeous animal composites. Just because you photographed an animal in it’s enclosure doesn’t mean you need to keep it there in post production! On the second day we will meet at the California Center For Digital Arts and spend the day transforming your images through Photoshop learning new techniques! You will have a great time in this photography and composites workshop!


  • Tips on how to photograph wild animals in their enclosures
  • Learning to recognize other background features as possible composite items. 
  • Masking an image in Photoshop CC
  • How to create backgrounds through textures. 
  • Creating backgrounds with brushes
  • Combining elements using different blending modes.


While learning techniques at the Safari Park is applicable to all levels of experience, the photoshop portion is intended for those with an intermediate or advanced of photoshop. 


For the Safari Park:
Camera, monopod (desirable), batteries, accessories, sunscreen, good walking shoes.
In Class:
A computer, additional power hub, wacom tablet (already set up for your computer), images from the park.


Irene Bowers

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