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The Photography Program For Beginners – Nine Classes to Introduce You to Photography

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This program is designed to take you through the foundations of photography at your own pace! Beginning with the basics, you will start by learning how to operate your camera and gradually advance to a better level of understanding! This course takes you step by step in a fun and easy order that will make sense to you.


In The Photography Program for Beginners, students will explore all the buttons and dials on their digital cameras! Class topics include basic camera operation (including aperture, shutter speed and ISO), why to adjust the camera’s white balance, shooting in the semi automatic and manual modes, and more! Learn how to get the background in or out of focus, how to stop or create motion, creative composition and why to use one ISO over another. Understand when to use a tripod, and how to best use the camera’s light meter. Other topics covered include posing, studio lighting and how to use your flash indoors. You will also learn when to use auto focus over manual focus, and even how to properly hold the camera so you don’t have blurry images.

You will also understand the difference between shooting RAW and JPEG and the basics between using Photoshop and Lightroom.

This course will cover what you need to master your camera, capture your subjects, enjoy photography, and have fun in the process!


  • Beginning Digital Photography
  •  After The Auto Mode
  •  Shooting In Manual Mode
  •  Lighting Basics Indoor Flash
  •  Outdoor Flash
  •  Composition
  •  Posing Guidelines and Techniques
  •  Intro to Studio Lighting
  •  Intro to Photoshop & Lightroom

This is not an online tutorial, or a boring lecture program. These are real-time classes, taught by skilled educators, who are successful photographers across many genres. You will learn in the classroom, in a real working studio, on location, and in each case, there is an instructor by your side to make sure you are developing the skills and creative points of view necessary for photographic success

These classes are offered separately at a rate of $129/class, which totals to $1161 for all classes. This bundle saves you a whole $566!



This nine session course runs year-round, and you choose the dates that work best for you! Check the calendar for our currently available dates and times.

To enroll in classes, either shoot us an email at info@centerfordigitalarts.com or call 714-529-3686 with the class sessions you’d like to take.

All classes must be taken within 18 months of purchasing the bundled package.



  • Digital camera
  • Tripod
  • Flash
  • Notetaking supplies






Head Instructor: David LaNeve CPP