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Compositing Images

 Compositing Images in Photoshop 2 is the next step!

This workshop is for the photographer looking to expand their creativity and master the techniques of combining multiple images into one stunning final image. Taught by an Adobe Certified Expert, this course is a hands-on, 1-day course for intermediate users of Photoshop and Lightroom.

Compositing Images in photoshop is to isolate the subjects from the background of your various source photos. Starting with methodical planning and then employing masking as selection techniques, you too can achieve whatever results you can imagine.

Relocating or composting pieces of one image into the whole of another image is not new; in fact, it started in the 1880’s with multiple projection methods that made for a challenging and imprecise project. In the digital world this is much easier to do. Within this one day class, you will master the fundamentals and many advanced techniques of moving moons, mountains, and people from one scene to the other in creating composites!

This course is for the intermediate user looking
to expand their creativity using Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to create one stunning
and cohesive image from multiple sources by utilizing layers, masks, and blend
modes. In this one-day course students will master the techniques on how to shoot,
evaluate, and combine images and push their creativity to the next level. You will use the tools learned on your own images with an instructor by your side who provides guidance and image specific instruction. Your images begin to transform and thats when it becomes exciting and fulfilling!
This course includes hands-on learning using materials provided by the instructor.
This class is small and limited in size to allow one-on-one time for each student.


  • Opening and combining multiple images into one document
  • Utilizing and managing layers
  • Using masks
  • Blending modes
  • Making selections and isolating select parts of images
  • Blending multiple images together
  • HDR Blending
  • Image workflow


Computer with minimum 8GB of RAM (PC or Mac)
Mouse (a laptop trackpad is not suitable for working in Photoshop)
Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop installed
A Wacom tablet is helpful but not required
Own images


Photoshop 1: Intro to Photoshop for Photographers
Lightroom 1: Intro to Lightroom for Photographers


Sarah Hovey


At the California Center for Digital Arts we offer classes for all levels of Photoshop
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