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playing with water

Photographing liquids is interesting, exciting and challenging! In this course, Playing With Water, will teach you everything you need to know on how to achieve photographing water.

You may wonder,  how do you photograph this tricky task. As there are many components to achieving this, learning to use the right amount of lighting is critical. It can be easy to overexpose as you are trying to freeze the action of the liquid. You will need the correct lighting tools to start off.


Students will learn the proper lighting and techniques in order to create fascinating images of liquids and will also have the opportunity to photograph water through multiple fun and creative setups.  Students will also acquire creative ideas to create their own images.  Get ready to play with water and explore the world of creatively photographing liquids. This class will be lots of fun.


– Different ways of photographing liquids (drops, splashes, crashes, etc.)
– Proper lighting and techniques
– Different types of fun and creative setups for photographing liquids
– Camera settings
– Hands-on practice

MATERIALS NEEDED                                    photographing liquids

Cable release
Something to take notes on

All levels