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California Center For Digital Arts
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Fine Art Photography

This course is part of the Creative Compositing Series with Irene Bowers. In Creating Fine Art Portraiture: The Classic, you will learn how to turn an average portrait into a fine art classic!



This is an essential course in learning how retouch your studio portraiture shots for maximum impact. Don’t rely on a plug-in to solve your retouching woes. From removing blemishes and fly away hair to altering the shape of clothing and body parts, you will learn to gain control over your fine edits by discovering unique post-processing techniques that will help enhance the images you provide your clients.


In this stand alone class you will learn how to apply frequency separation which enables you to separate the texture detail and color tone of your image for more refined retouching. And it’s not just for skin! You can even apply frequency separation to fabric! Sound difficult? It isn’t . . .when you know what you are doing. Create your own frequency action. We will also explore such powerful tools as cloning, warping, spot-healing and more. Even the most skilled photoshop user is bound to learn some tips and tricks that will give you a post- processing edge. Lastly, learn how to present the final portraiture piece for image competition. You will be provided images to work with during this fun session!

The class enrollment is kept small and is hands-on training so you won’t miss a beat! It is taught at a pace, with simple steps so learning fun! You will learn all you need to know to achieve your goals and leave this class knowing how to transform a nice portraiture piece into an extraordinary piece of art!


Bring your laptop, wacom tablet, something to take notes on, and a snack or drink.


This is an Intermediate Photoshop class.


Irene Bowers