1 Day/ 6 Hours (9-3 PM)
Los Angeles

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Street Photography

Ride the Rails: A Day of Architectural and Street Photography in Downtown Los Angeles

All aboard!  We’ll meet at the Anaheim Artic and hop on the Metrolink to take a short train ride to LA Union Station. We’ll walk from there to Downtown Los Angeles, CA, and start our day of architectural and street photography!  DTLA is a target-rich environment for iconic classical and contemporary architecture (the Bradbury Building, City Hall, Disney Concert Hall, to name a few), and everywhere you look, there are fascinating people.  We’ll be training our lenses on people and places as we go.


We’ll learn how to deal with perspective distortion, shooting in the light you’ve got, being ready to shoot quickly, and composition.  Afterwards, we’ll grab a bite at the Public Market and share stories and pictures of the day, and then board the train for home.


Bring your walkin’ shoes, a tripod, and a hat, and keep your camera kit to a minimum (remember, you’ve got to carry it).

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Street Photography

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