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2 Sep 2014

Getting To Know Your Movie Mode

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Getting To Know Your Movie Mode

There it is… right there… on the back or top of the camera. It’s the video button, the one you never touch because you don’t know anything about video, or perhaps you have captured a few frames and found yourself quite disappointed. It’s time to change; it’s time to learn the fastest growing area of image capture in all of photography… video.

Today’s DSLR cameras provide incredible opportunities to make home movies for your family, unique pieces for YouTube and Vimeo, or if you are so inclined, go for it — make the next box office smash and create a complete feature film. In any case, it all starts with the basics and now is the time to learn the proper techniques and simple mechanics of creating video to enhance and explore your visual storytelling capabilities. But how?

The best way to learn— is to learn by doing and do it with an expert by your side to help you master the basics and more. And that expert is Richard Newman, the Director of the Video Curriculum for the California Center for Digital Arts. Richard will lead you through all the entire basics, filming, audio, lighting set ups and at the end of the class you will be viewing your work on the big screen.

So fear not the video button any longer, Richard will simplify the technical and bring forth your creative talents in a boot camp workshop that allows you to experience the entire process in a way that is fun and productive.

Students are encouraged to bring an external hard drive and get all the footage from the shoot along with the project file so they can practice after the class. Please bring your video camera or your video capable DSLR to class.