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J. Marie Huston

Spotlight Info

Portfolio Title Eternal, Ephemeral Mojave
Year of Publication 2016

Spotlight Description

Eternal, Ephemeral Mojave

This is a collection of photographs that has been created                                       14361270_1199061963472776_2167730232736226604_o
by Janet over the last year
as the Mojave National Preserve Artist- In – Residence.

External, Ephemeral Mojave represents one artist’s experience
of being transformed by her ephemerally human experience in an eternal terrain.

The Mojave National Preserve is a landscape of extremes;
land forms that having been evolving for billions of years,
wildflowers that wait 100 years to bloom and live more days.

The Mojave rewards the patient and the reverent, drawing you
into natural rhythms that have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

The Photography Exhibit begins with its  opening reception being held on
Oct 1st during the Downtown Santa Ana Art Walk.
5:00-8:00pm. at the California Center for Photography & Digital Arts.