Adobe Illustrator For Beginners Part I: The Basics

Basic tools, advanced shapes, text on path and more




From noob to power user! In this four part class, you’ll learn the skills that will take your print and web designs to the next level. You will be challenged with real world projects that will grow your confidence in graphic design! These invaluable skills will help you to produce more attractive advertisements, posters, brochures, web graphics, stickers, and even apparel. The possibilities in this creative industry are endless! Start making money as an Illustrator guru!

First Class:

The Basics (120 minutes)
  • Learn the Basic Tools
  • Master the Pen Tool
  • Create Advanced Shapes
  • Text on Path


  • Basic Tools of Illustrator
  • Learning the Color Palette
  • Logo Design
  • Exporting for Animation, Web, and Print


  • Laptop with Adobe Illustrator ( Free Trial version is available)
  • Charger for Laptop
  • Note Taking Supplies


  • Intermediate: Must have Basic Adobe Photoshop Experience


Scott Crawford

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