Club Pass Four Part Outdoor Skills Photo Boot Camp

Learn what all of those knobs and dials mean and how to take control of your camera!




This 4 part class will entail four 90 min outdoor sessions. Each session will highlight a specific camera skill and will be held in four different “secret” LA locations. In each class you will be challenged mastering a specific outdoor photography technique, such as long-exposure, ND filters, macro photography and panoramas.

First Class

Long Exposure (90 minutes)

Master the art of light-trails. In this session you will learn the proper camera setting and skill to capture amazing light effects.
Elysian Park location

Second Class:

Neutral Density Filters (90 minutes)

Capture the beauty of motion. Ocean and sky. Learn how to make every frame a unique work of art.
White Point Royal Palms location


Third Class:

Macro Photography (90 minutes)

Explore the fascinating macroscopic worlds of nature with your macro lens.


Fourth Class:

Panoramas (90 minutes)

Be epic! Learn to prepare for and capture awesome panoramas.
Lincoln Heights location



  • Camera/ Extra Battery
  • Tripod
  • Macro Lense
  • ND Filters
  • Optional: Cable Release


  • Intermediate: Must have Basic Camera Knowledge


Scott Crawford

*Interested in learning more about photography? This class comes bundled with FOUR other courses to take you through all kinds of photography subjects! Check out our Photography Program for Beginners for more information.

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