Lightroom 2: Advanced Classic Techniques


Using the Library and Development modules,  learn how to manage and edit images with this hands-on training.

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In Lightroom 2, learn techniques in the Library and Development modules. Taught in Orange County, this one-day course is for photographers of all genres and all skill levels.


In Lightroom 2: Advanced Techniques in Lightroom Classic, students will learn how to manage and edit images using hands-on training. Our Adobe Certified instructor will provide images and notes so the class can work together in addition to one-on-one time with the instructor to work on their own images.

Students explore best practices, library cataloging, image evaluation, image enhancement, slideshows, photo book creation, and more. The instructors provide practice images and then students will work on images that they feel most passionate about— theirs. Your own images are much more fun to work on and when finished, the results are impressive. Students leave with confidence and proven workflows to create stunning images. Your images are organized, cataloged, and filed, naming each folder, so you can go back at a later time and finish your project. It’s a great way to focus your attention to just that group of images and what was shot.


  • Review of Importing and Exporting Image
  • Creating a personalized organized catalog
  • Advanced image editing in the Develop Module
  • Using presets for editing in the Develop Module
  • Syncing photos for batch editing in the Develop Module
  • How to find missing photos
  • Utilizing Lightroom Mobile
  • Creating Slideshows with LR
  • Creating Photobooks with LR
  • Exporting from Lightroom
  • Photoshop Integration with LR


  • Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 and Adobe Cloud membership
  • iMac, Desktop or Laptop (PC or MAC) computer with 8 GB of RAM
  • External drives as necessary
  • Mouse (the touchpad on a laptop is not recommended)
  • Notebook and Pencil/Pen for note-taking
  • A Wacom tablet will be helpful but not required


  • Lightroom 1: Lightroom Classic for Beginners


Sarah Rogers, Adobe Certified Expert

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