Master Class Series- The Fundamentals of Lighting with Tim Meyer

If you’re looking to sharpen your skills in the basics of professional portraiture and really start producing consistently high quality images then this is the class for you!



The Fundamentals of Lighting

In this exclusive three day course, Tim Meyer will be illustrating how your choice of light shaping tools, metering, ratios, facial and body analysis and posing work together to produce dynamic results and consistently high quality images. Emphasizing the basic elements of studio and outdoor portraiture, with style as a consideration, this class will be in a hands-on environment. 

If you’re looking to sharpen your skills in the basics of professional portraiture then this is the class for you!

Experience Level:

Beginner: Must have Basic Camera Knowledge


Photographer, educator and author, Tim Meyer is passionate about the field of photography. With over 35 years as a professional photographer, he brings experience and sustained energy to his work. Mixing our rich artistic heritage with today’s modern styles, his images enlighten and inspire.

Tim possesses the Professional Photographers of America’s coveted Masters and Craftsman Degrees and has also earned academic Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Fine Art Photography. In addition to numerous one-man exhibitions of his fine art work, Tim’s photography has been internationally recognized for its innovative style and technique. He is honored to speak and teach internationally as well as within university curricula.

Tim’s writings on photography and art have been published internationally and his book, The Portrait – Understanding Portrait Photography, co-written with Glenn Rand and published by Rocky Nook, Inc., can be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Professional Photographers of America
  • Professional Photographers of California
  • Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association
  • Wedding and Portrait Photographers International

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