Milky Way, Star Trails & Light Painting – Joshua Tree


Learn the equipment and techniques needed to shoot creative star trails and the Milky Way in Joshua Tree.

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Course Description


A mandatory online Pre-workshop prep meeting will take place one week before this workshop begins. Please be on the look out for the information regarding this meeting in your email upon sign up. We want you to feel as prepared as possible for this workshop so that you get the most out of your learning experience with us!

Friday, September 10th – Star Trails & Milky Way

This night we will guide you in shooting star trails and the Milky Way Galaxy. Learn about the equipment and techniques needed to make creative star trail and night sky photographs. Star trails require long exposures, a sturdy tripod, lockable remote release, specialized software and a spark of imagination. Come learn how to make these captivating images.

Saturday, September 11th – Light Painting

Learn how to properly paint with light to create extraordinary images. We will supply the lighting equipment, the model and walk you through the entire process. On this night, we’ll explore light painting by mixing various ambient light setups including the night stars. Our main objective for the night will be creating various stylized lighting setup with an experienced model in order to produce spectacular images. You will be exposed to a multitude of light painting tools, professional techniques, and unique ideas to spark your creativity!

Topics Covered

  • How to set your camera to correctly capture the night sky
  • How to make 3 products out of one set of images (single star shot, star trail shot, and a time-lapsed video)
  • How and why to shoot North, South, or West
  • How to set up and shoot an image painted with light

Materials Needed

  • Camera Manual
  • 1 or more DSLR Camera capable of manual mode and wide-angle lens
  • Multiple backup batteries, backup memory
  • Wired locking remote release with a backup wired release. DO NOT depend on the camera’s internal intervalometer.
  • Tripod
  • Remote Shutter Release
  • Warm protective clothing for hiking.

Experience Level:

Intermediate: Must know how to operate a DSLR in manual mode with knowledge of how to change ISO and white balance. This is not basic camera or a beginner class

Hotel information for September 10-11 Workshop:

Please call the hotel and let them know you are with the California Center for Digital Arts for your discounted rate.

Holiday Inn Express Twentynine Palms

72535 Twentynine Palms, Twentynine Palms, CA, 92277, US

(760) 361-1000


Katrina Brown

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September 10, 2021, September 11, 2021, Both September 10 & 11, 2021