Photo Editing & Post Production Services



Basic Edit (15 min) – $15

Getting ready for print

• Applies to portraiture, landscape, any subject, product retouching
• Basic Lightroom adjustments. Color corrections, exposure adjustments. Lens profiles, Crop.
• RAW format support
• Crop/Straightening
• Complete adjustment of exposure
• Temperature (White Balance adjustment)
• Vibrance/Clarity/Saturation/Curves adjustment

Standard Edit (30 min) – $25

All edits included with the Basic Edit

• Lightroom HDR formatting. (Merging images)
• Photoshop. Adjustments, spot removal, Local adjustments exposure, hue saturation.
• Photo stacking.
• Background removal


• Teeth and eyes whitening
• Basic skin beautification (blemish correction)
• portrait retouch, removal background, body retouching photo editing clipping

Deluxe Edit (45-60 min) – $40

All edits included with the Basic Edit

• photo manipulation
• Merge Photos
• Text added.
• Advanced tonal adjustments
• Advanced layer adjustment with plugins
• All edits included with the Basic Edit


• Advanced Skin retouching
• Age defying beautification (take off 10 years ect)
• Facial feature edits (change size of eyes, lips, nose or forehead. Shape Jawline)
• body retouching
• Removal of braces, reduction of eyeglass glare
• Swap subject’s heads using another image (fix closed eyes by replacing them with another image)
• Adjust out of place hairs
• Background Adjustment (Solid color replacement, extending background)
• Spot Coloring (a single colored object surrounded by B&W
• Clothing color change
• Background replacement
• Add or Clone out people
• Remove elements from the photo (buildings, cars, wires, etc.)

PREMIUM (quote based on image requirements)

All edits included with the Basic Edit

• Advanced background replacements
• Composites, Collages, photoshop painting.
• Hot spots/Moderate Lens Flare Effects
• Templates, matting Facebook templates. Cards,