David LaNeve CPP
Head Photography Course Instructor
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LocationOrange County, CA
Current WorkCalifornia Center for Digital Arts
Past WorkCalifornia Center for Digital Arts
Specialist InPhotography
Experience20 Years


David LaNeve’s portrait photography is to put it simply, much more than a portraiture. Yes, his images reveal character, timeliness, and certainly capture moments that bring a singular stillness to his subjects. But they are more than portraits; David’s unique lighting approaches, sometimes simple, sometimes complex, reveal the essence, the very soul of his subjects. “I want the viewer of my portraits to not only see the subject, but to know them,” David says. “It takes time to create the feelings and atmosphere to portray the emotional range that defines the lives of those who come before my lens.” David has completed 5,000 portraits during his twenty years as a photographer. People from all ‘walks of life’, and of all ages— newborns to folks celebrating their 100th birthday— have appeared before his camera. And his unique approach has captured and preserved the emotion and events for two hundred weddings in local as well as international locations. “I get to share some of the greatest moments in my customers’ lives, and for me that is an honor.” David continues to photograph, but he is also a dedicated portrait educator. When not behind the lens or teaching, Dave supports the Brea community, having served as President of Lions Club & President of the Brea Chamber of Commerce. Currently he serves on the North Orange County ROP Board as an advisor to their Photography Curriculum, and directs the photography curriculum for the New Horizons Digital Arts program.