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California Center For Digital Arts
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Photoshop Fine Art Photography Class

This course is part of the Creative Compositing Series with Irene Bowers. In Creating Fine Art Portraiture: In Dreams, you will learn how to turn your portraits into dreamy, fantasy beautiful art pieces. In this hands-on and small class size course, you will see your creativity erupt bringing out the emotion of your piece that will leave one breathless.


You’ve taken some amazing shots! But how can you transform the image into a new work of art? In this intermediate Photoshop class, you will learn basic compositing skills essential for creating stunning images that stand out from your competitors. Discover unique post- processing methods gaining popularity in the field of photographic art.


In this stand alone class you will learn the skills necessary to recreate the image “In Dreams”. You will be provided the basic photographic elements of the image and together we will reconstruct this conceptual piece. First, you will learn how to blend separate images using layer masking. Second, you will learn some tips and tricks in manipulating and reshaping fabric. Finally, discover how the application of textures, and clouds work together to produce this impactful and multi-dimensional piece. We will also introduce elements of skin retouching, color toning, and adding creating lighting dimension using curves adjustment layers. Lastly, learn how to finalize an image for print competition. his class will get you started towards creating your own, story-telling images!


Bring your laptop, wacom tablet, something to take notes on, and a snack or drink.


Intermediate Photoshop Skills including a basic knowledge of creating layers


Irene Bowers