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California Center For Digital Arts
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iPhone Photography

Learn how to shoot with your iPhone and quickly capture lasting images  that are amazing and memorable!

Optimize your iPhone settings and apply techniques that will help you become efficient, comfortable, and familiar with your phone’s capabilities.This beginners hands-on class in IPhone Photography will walk you through the maze of choices on how to take great pictures. The built-in native applications and editing options in your phone can solve all of your lighting challenges. However, not everyone knows they are there. We will unlock those secrets and make iPhone photography simple and fun!


You will learn the most useful settings on your phone’s menu and learn how to illuminate, focus, and capture amazing images. The instructor will guide you through different situations and scenarios to to help you quickly overcome challenges. Image and file sizes, storage, sharing, editing and the use of several add-on applications will also be discussed. Various tools such as tripods, reflectors, continuous illumination lights, power banks, LED light panels and stabilizing gimbals will be available for demonstration.


  • Composition
  • Buttons, remote triggers, and techniques
  • Taking the perfect selfie
  • Portraits, pets, group shots
  • Burst mode
  • Seeing and using light (Flash, reflectors)
  •  HDR
  • Editing
  • Saving
  • Sharing
  • Explanation of terms
  • Additional equipment…Tripods, gimbals and selfie sticks –
  • Suggested add-on apps to purchase










Beginners/ Basic familiarity with any version of an iPhone


Fully charged iPhone
Wall adapter plug and charging cable for your phone
Power bank and cables to charge the phone so that the phone will stay powered and usable for the entire class. (Props and shooting options will be practiced throughout the class and the battery will deplete quickly.)
An interest in developing your creative eye to see your surroundings in a new way that will make your photos memorable to everyone.

Handouts will be provided to minimize note-taking and encourage hands-on use with your phone during class.


Len Bucko