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5 Aug 2014

Professional Portrait Retouching | An Adobe Master Class

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Professional Portrait Retouching | An Adobe Master Class

In two power-user days, this Adobe Master Class will teach you how to retouch faces, bodies, character, and fashion images at a professional level. You will come away with the tools and techniques to create stunning work and you will learn which portraiture traits to preserve, what to eliminate and what to enhance.

Retouching portraits is an art form that requires an understanding and mastery of the Photoshop tools and techniques specific to retouching. This Master Class begins with simple enhancements and advances to full projects that use all of the cool tools and wow techniques that form the building blocks of good portrait retouching. Each exercise builds upon the previous to develop more skills and a deeper understanding of what you are doing and why. Each student receives a notebook with task specific exercises designed to aid in learning and long-term retention.

The Master Class approach simplifies the process and relies on masks and nuanced selection controls so that the retouching artist can deftly apply portraiture changes to eliminate distractions, or alter a fashion image to produce surreal and powerful artwork that dramatizes the product. Students learn to remove visual disturbances, make creative color adjustments, improve skin, master shadow and highlight relationships, reduce wrinkles, make shadowy and sultry eyes, retouch lips for cool and vibrance, improve hair, alter body style/shape and many more. Bonus projects teach in demand techniques such as porcelain looks, contrasting, surreal color programing, and other in demand techniques.

This is a hands-on Master Class with Adobe Certified Instructor Bob Killen, who will be at your side as you learn the skills of successful portrait retouching.