Advanced Stylized Lighting: Concept to Print


Learn from Master Photographer Tim Meyer how to create striking portraiture in a hands-on environment.

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This Advanced Studio Lighting Workshop is a two-day course that will prepare photographers to create striking portraiture!


In this Advanced Studio Portrait Lighting workshop, you will learn from Master Photographer Tim Meyer. With style as a consideration, and in a hands-on environment, Mr. Meyer will illustrate how your choice of light shaping tools, metering, ratios, facial and body analysis and posing work together to produce dynamic results and consistently high-quality images.

This experience will provide an opportunity for you to consider, and develop, a professional level of portrait lighting and posing skills.

In two full days, this class, Advanced Studio Portrait Lighting provides the opportunity for learning the posing and portrait lighting techniques that are the backbone of a successful professional portrait or wedding studio.


  • Quality of light and the portrait
  • Ambient, continuous, and strobe light sources
  • Understanding light modifiers and enhancers
  • Mastering lighting ratios
  • Importance and selection of backgrounds
  • Extensive coverage of lighting setups
  • Understanding light meters and metering in portraiture
  • Lighting patterns on the human face
  • Facial analysis
  • Composition in portraiture
  • Posing for various types of portraits
  • Eliciting appropriate expression
  • The fine art portrait
  • Portraiture for the masse
  • Using available lighting


  • Camera (extra batteries and memory card)
  • Tripod
  • Something for note-taking


  • Must have taken Tim Meyer’s intermediate lighting class


Tim Meyer

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